Teen Coaching Introduction

Victoria’s Friends Online Teen Coaching resources are designed to nourish your spirit and help you to discover your unique gifts and talents.

Here's how it works:

Step one: Devotion

Victoria's Devotion is spiritual food for thought to keep you on track. 

Step 2: Discussion

Step 3: Food & Nutrition

Step 4: Self-Esteem

These are “hot” topics – real issues you will be dealing with on a day to day basis. We welcome your feedback.

Step 5: Mentor Letter

This is a letter from a successful person in the community. These individuals have survived alcoholism, anorexia and an entire gamut of issues. You will be inspired by these real life stories of how to overcome and can glean from their story – no matter what your struggle may be.

Step 6: Community Service

Finally, this step is where the rubber hits the pavement. In order to be a leader, you must learn how to serve others in the community. To catapult you into the community as a servant leader, we’ll offer challenging volunteer opportunities. You will be exposed to real life issues of homelessness and meet people in other survival situations. One thing is for sure – you can really make a difference!


Come aboard! We look forward to this journey with you!

God bless,