Note to Parents

I received a hotline call about a teen who was in trouble.

She had made some bad choices and ran away. Fortunately, the police were able to locate her and bring her home safely. As I began to mentor this beautiful 16 year old, my heart broke over the serious issues she was dealing with at such a young age.

As more calls came in about teens, I realized we must not neglect this up and coming generation. My hearts desire for this generation is that they would embrace the fact that they are a true masterpiece created by God's hand, uniquely designed and birthed for a special purpose.

With our pilot group for teens- I realized the key importance of checking in with someone for accountability. We took a 3 week vacation break and when we returned two of the teens confessed to almost losing their virginity, over that 3 week break. Victoria's Friends provides coaching articles and resources to help keep your teen on track for what matters most. My deepest desire is that your teen will walk through these difficult years in purity, on purpose and embracing their unique gifts and talents for "such a time as this."

Victoria Teague
Founder and Director