Victoria's Friends is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to provide spiritual support, physical restoration, and training to women working in the sex industry.

God Stories

We’ve been privileged through Victoria’s Friends to learn about and share in some powerful “God Stories” of changed lives! Here are just a few. Join us in celebrating what God has done, and please keep praying for all He will do!



“I thought for sure that night I would die.  After my rapist left, I hid in my bedroom praying so hard:  God, if you just keep me alive, I promise I’ll be a better person.”


Victoria’s Friends met Brandi during a club outreach in her second year of dancing, but she wasn’t ready to transition out of the industry at that time. She experienced and survived a brutal rape after coming home from work one night in her third year of dancing, and that night forever changed her life.  She remembered Victoria’s Friends from a year earlier and contacted us.

Victoria’s Friends answered her call for help - financially, spiritually, and emotionally, and now, more than a year later, Brandi is working at a restaurant, attending cosmetology school, and enjoying life with her boyfriend and as a new mom to a healthy baby girl. She testified at the trial of her rapist, who was convicted for his crime against her, and she hopes one day she’ll use her difficult experiences to help others achieve justice – either by becoming a private investigator or working in some area of victim assistance. For now, she’s creating and selling beautiful beaded jewelry to raise money for the rape crisis center that helped her in her time of need.

Find Brandi’s jewelry on Facebook at Jewels for Justice.



“I love Victoria’s Friends because they have empowered and encouraged me in my walk with Jesus Christ.”


Diana came to Victoria’s Friends in a different way than many of the other women with whom we work.  We met at a special dinner banquet where we share hope and information about our program with around 200 ladies – both strippers and prostitutes - who use homeless shelter facilities.

After years of personal abuse, she and her son came into the Atlanta social system from another state as a domestic violence case but somehow fell through the system cracks. She found herself homeless, prostituting for survival. Fortunately, she was able to secure housing in a nine-month residential program.

Since connecting with Victoria’s Friends and receiving financial, emotional, and spiritual assistance, Diana has earned her CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) degree and works both as an assistant on call and in a part-time food service position. In 2012, she published a collection of abuse survivor poems titled Victory’s Ladder. We are very proud of Diana as she continues to move forward in preparation for a speaking career to other survivors.

To purchase a copy of Diana’s poetry, go to the bookstore section of and enter the title, Victory’s Ladder.





“As a single mother of two, I was so grateful. I realized early on that Victoria’s Friends could put me in contact with people who could catapult me into my dream.”


Shirlonda had a stable home life growing up, but chose the lifestyle later at age 21 because she didn’t want to work hard, in the traditional way. Over the course of 10 years she worked other jobs, too, but none provided the income to which she’d become accustomed from dancing. On the night Shirlonda met Victoria’s Friends and received the gift of one of our trademark, beautiful, no-strings-attached gift baskets, she’d already made up her mind to leave dancing at the end of the month.  The meeting confirmed for her that God wanted her to act upon her “exit plan.”

She didn’t quit dancing completely upon meeting Victoria’s Friends, but she began to lean heavily upon the dancer support group and participated fully in every opportunity given her by Victoria’s Friends to change her circumstances. Though she lost some of the material things she could no longer afford when she gave up dancing and moved on to other work outside the clubs, God has restored many of her possessions as a result of her perseverance.

Shirlonda was the first recipient of Victoria’s Friends’ “Adopt A-Lady” scholarship program – a financial gift that helped her to quit dancing and launch her career. She reflects: “It is my dream to help teens reach their full potential and to eventually reach their dream career.”

Visit to learn more about Shirlonda’s hope-filled program for youth that helps with academic support, behavioral management skills, life and career development skills.





Kristen is a beautiful example of our Gather, Sharpen, and Launch mission:


We are so proud of Kristen who just gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Kristen is currently a Victoria's Friends leader of our Journey Groups. In addition to selling Mary Kay, she will be doing more job training as time allows with her newborn!